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  1. suggests adding to /etc/apt/sources.list; as far back as hardy, it was a lot cleaner to instead put your additions in the .d, perhaps in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/logilab.list

  2. doesn't exist, though points there; looks like it only has up to the 0.13.x releases.

  3. both projman and projman-gui start up with:

    DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
      import md5
  4. firing up projman-gui without a file and clicking on the Tasks tab gets:

    new (<gtk.ImageMenuItem object at 0x8daa0a4 (GtkImageMenuItem at 0x8dfd078)>,)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.6/projman/projmanedit/", line 124, in on_notebook1_switch_page
      File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.6/projman/projmanedit/gui/", line 291, in update_on_switch_page
        self.current_task =
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'root_task'
  5. /usr/share/doc/projman/README.Debian says: the documention for projman is in /usr/share/doc/projman-common/user-manual.pdf

    In fact, there is no projman-common package; /usr/share/doc/projman /user_manual.xml appears to have the raw docbook source, though...

  6. Don't put a closed mailing list in /usr/share/doc/projman/README for a debian package as a contact address...

done in0.17.0
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