logilab-common #149345 unittest_modutils,_umessage.py failures in 0.59.1, py3.3 [validation pending]

Let's start with

======================= unittest_modutils.py =======================

No idea what's going on here.

NameError: global name 'file' is not defined is the first.
You mean logilab/common/modutils.py doesn't know about file?????

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith', ditto.
These do fine under py3.2

======================= unittest_umessage.py =======================

it seems are making error for the sake of one white space space.

- Raphaël DUPONT<raphael.dupont@societe.fr>
? -
+ Raphaël DUPONT<raphael.dupont@societe.fr>

and the other 3 err in comparison by 1 space.

Now let's see if the next page lets me add the log via an attachment

done in0.63.0
load left0.000
closed by#b1880f9578a3 [umessage] Fix header decoding with python 3.3+
patch[umessage] Fix header decoding with python 3.3+ [applied]