pylint #13911 new checker :Win32 compatibility [open]

I'd like a checker (not enabled by defaul) to help me check my code for stuff not available in Windows (esp. stdlib os module)

Ideas :

  • check functions not available on win32 (make pertinent suggestions when possible)
  • hard coded paths (/tmp, /home, /var, /etc, /usr/bin)
  • filenames starting with a '.' (esp. config files)
  • environment variables (modification of PATH-like variables, usage of os.pathsep, ...)
  • external processes (uses of os.system, popen, subprocess...)
  • system constants having different meanings (I remember some pretty weird errno inversions)
  • whatever else will help me find the places in my code where I need to pay attention when porting to (or from) windows
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