pylint #119874 Warnings should only be triggered on the superclass [open]

For warnings such as C0103, we get things like:
C0103: 54,4:SomeTestCase.setUp: Invalid name "setUp" for type method (should match [a-z_][a-z0-9_]{2,30}$)

The method is one that's being overridden from the superclass - complying with an external api shouldn't generate warnings and require you to silence them.
So if you're overriding a superclass method, this and other warnings should only happen on new methods.

Likewise, for warnings such as:

R0904: 51,0:SomeTestCase: Too many public methods (61/20)
If you're inheriting from a class with lots of methods, you don't have any control over these, so the warning should only trigger if say, you've added too many methods.

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