pylint #115247 W0201 disabling not respected [open]

In the example code below, note that the last line could generate a W0201, but it shouldn't because W0201 is disabled. However, when is_message_enabled() is executed, it compares the line number of the bad statement (from module x.a) to the per-line message states of the x.b module. Since x.b has 5 lines and the bad statement is on line 15, the message is reported as being enabled.

Module x.b:

#pylint: disable=W0201
class Bar(object):
  def __init__(self, x):
     self.x = x

Module x.a:

from x.b import Bar

#pylint: disable=W0201
#  These comments are important.
#  They ensure that the line numbers for class Foo
#  are greater than any line numbers for module x.b

class Foo():
  def __init__(self, a):
     self.z = Bar(a)

  def bad(self):
     self.z.q = 3
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