logilab-astng #109562 Jython AttributeError with Fix [validation pending]

Running pylint on a jython source that contains an imported Java package crashes due to an AttributeError. One way to fix this issue is to put the offending line within a try/except block. The following has been tested to work on my system which is described below. Change line 217 in raw_building.py from this:

        node = build_module(modname, module.__doc__)
to this:

            node = build_module(modname, module.__doc__)
        except AttributeError:
            node = build_module(modname)
Additional Info: I encountered this using Jython 2.7a2 in Debian Wheezy amd64. After making this one fix, pylint was able to finish running. I installed pylint using pip within a virtualenv.
done in0.24.2
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closed by#ec02884a688e [jython] java modules have no __doc__. Closes #109562