pylint #107788 Pylint confused by PEP 3102 Keyword-only arguments [done]

pylint complains about an undefined name and unexpected keyword argument, when using keyword-only arguments in CPython 3.[012].

pylint does not currently understand PEP 3102 / Keyword-only arguments (KWOA)?

Specifically, this minimal code snippet confuses pylint 0.26.0 combined with astng 0.24.1 and common 0.58.2, even though CPython 3.x run it fine:

'''A little testscript for PEP 3102 and pylint'''
def function(*, foo):
'''A function for testing'''

The "*" in function's argument list is saying "All the rest of my arguments are keyword-only", so function(1) would not be valid Python; it must be function(foo=1). If there were arguments to the left of the naked *, they would not have to be keyword-only.

The errors (mis-)reported by pylint are:
E: 8,10:function: Undefined variable 'foo'
E: 10,0: Passing unexpected keyword argument 'foo' in function call
However not only is the keyword argument expected, it's required.
KWOA have apparently been part of Python since CPython 3.0. They remain present in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3. 2.6 and 2.7 do not support KWOA, despite their partial support of 3.x features.

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