pylint #107061 "E1003: Bad first argument %r given to super class" points to wrong line [open]

In the following code, the bug is, on line 5, that we pass "ClassA" and not "ClassB" as 1st arg to super().
However, pylint instead claims an error on line 4:

E: 4,4:ClassB.__init__: Bad first argument 'ClassA' given to super class

The wrong line number is the most misleading part, but even if "super" is a class, and we
are technically passing a bad 1st arg to the ctor of the class named "super", the formulation
can surely be improved. "Bad first argument 'ClassA' given to super()" ?

---- 8< ----
class ClassA(object):
class ClassB(ClassA):
def __init__(self):
super(ClassA, self).__init__()

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