logilab-common #104045 test/data directory is only partially installed [done]

the content of test/data is:

$ ls logilab-common-0.58.2/test/data/
ChangeLog foo.txt MyPyPa-0.1.0-py2.5.egg normal_file.txt subdir_differ_dir
content_differ_dir __init__.py MyPyPa-0.1.0.zip reference_dir test1.msg
deprecation.py lmfp newlines.txt same_dir test2.msg
file_differ_dir module2.py noendingnewline.py spam.txt test.ini
find_test module.py nonregr.py sub write_protected_file.txt

but when the data dir is copied in the build/installed location it only contains:

$ ls logilab-common-0.58.2/build/lib/logilab/common/test/data
deprecation.py find_test __init__.py lmfp module2.py module.py noendingnewline.py nonregr.py

So it seems only the "python" source files are installed and not all the files in there, needed to run the test suite.


done in0.58.3
load left0.000
closed by#d1ea873383fc setup: properly install additional files during build instead of install. Closes #104045