[qt4] new signal style: fix typo

Introduced by use new signal coding-style

Add missing ..

authorAlain Leufroy <alain.leufroy@logilab.fr>
parent revision#970df51bfd0e [qt] refactorize checking of column names from user config
child revision#03bc158c44ed [qt] add open in editor action, #758f23ebecfa [qt4] add an intuitive link to display heavy files, #631cfacb5395 [qt] do not select revision on left click on revisions tree graph, #70c8dfd43ee7 [qt4] use a css stylesheet file to format the description, #cc833b25d640 [qt4] cutomize item delegate of "Log" cells, #1631798f68b3 [qt4] enable Ctrl-Q even if the window toolbar is hidden (closes #109856), #7489700fc803 [qt4] use a css stylesheet file to format the description
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# HG changeset patch
# User Alain Leufroy <alain.leufroy@logilab.fr>
# Date 1370872516 -7200
# Mon Jun 10 15:55:16 2013 +0200
# Node ID d0a1583639e5af6f28dc38f7366440943e67642e
# Parent 970df51bfd0ee76fbd36fbe04f0633a742af2e0b
[qt4] new signal style: fix typo

Introduced by `use new signal coding-style <a24bedbce41b>`_

Add missing ``.``.

diff --git a/hgviewlib/qt4/hgfiledialog.py b/hgviewlib/qt4/hgfiledialog.py
@@ -176,11 +176,11 @@
2          self.actionNextDiff = QtGui.QAction(geticon('down'), 'Next diff', self)
3          self.actionNextDiff.setShortcut('Alt+Down')
4          self.actionPrevDiff = QtGui.QAction(geticon('up'), 'Previous diff', self)
5          self.actionPrevDiff.setShortcut('Alt+Up')
6 -        self.actionNextDifftriggered.connect(self.nextDiff)
7 +        self.actionNextDiff.triggered.connect(self.nextDiff)
8          self.actionPrevDiff.triggered.connect(self.prevDiff)
10      def revisionSelected(self, rev):
11          pos = self.textView.verticalScrollBar().value()
12          ctx = self.filerevmodel.repo.changectx(rev)