[qt] fix typo ``to_unicode`` -> ``tounicode``

authorAlain Leufroy <alain@leufroy.fr>
parent revision#8fd2e0511f6f fix buggy and unholy import added in 244e6e1aa642
child revision#3eb88865d32d [qt4] enable Ctrl-Q even if the window toolbar is hidden (closes #109856), #f1200d18f974 [qt] add open in editor action, #663e6d73c734 [qt4] cutomize item delegate of "Log" cells, #a34e64a53f86 [qt4] enable Ctrl-Q even if the window toolbar is hidden (closes #109856), #3e69744780c3 [qt4] add an intuitive link to display heavy files, #447d3f1d225d [qt] do not select revision on left click on revisions tree graph, #dd377c7ced74 [qt4] use a css stylesheet file to format the description, #5a8f7675edf4 [qt] make pylint a little more happy
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# HG changeset patch
# User Alain Leufroy <alain@leufroy.fr>
# Date 1370383883 -7200
# Wed Jun 05 00:11:23 2013 +0200
# Node ID e4dadbf7a05a49cd99fc6901e0f6e98ed8b32c08
# Parent 8fd2e0511f6fda29973f5656686cf62adbb8e0f0
[qt] fix typo ``to_unicode`` -> ``tounicode``

diff --git a/hgviewlib/qt4/hgfileview.py b/hgviewlib/qt4/hgfileview.py
@@ -620,11 +620,11 @@
1          from_rev = self.model().revFromIndex(index)
2          # signal get unicode as input
3          if from_rev is None:
4              self.file_selected[str].emit(tounicode(sel_file))
5          else:
6 -            self.file_selected[str, int].emit(to_unicode(sel_file), from_rev)
7 +            self.file_selected[str, int].emit(tounicode(sel_file), from_rev)
9      def selectFile(self, filename):
10          self.setCurrentIndex(self.model().indexFromFile(filename))
12      def fileActivated(self, index, alternate=False):