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This project is not maintained any more. We moved to using


The goal is to automatically create variations of virtual machines images for a cloud infrastructure (OpenStack or Amazon are currently supported) using SaltStack based configuration files available in a given Mercurial repository.

The AMI builder tool can be used in two ways:

  • a simple developper mode, which will create new AMIs from your workstation (it requires root credentials on a the machine)
  • a production mode, in which the special cloud-builder AMI is used to build a preconfigured deployable AMI.

Why you need salt-ami-cloud-builder

... or why we build it.

For a virtual machine in the cloud (private or Amazon), having a preconfigured AMI helps you gain setup time and execution time.

Instead of having an "install and configure each instantiation of a machine" we go for a "install once, run multiple times" approach.

Another benefit of this approach is that you have a repeatable environnement.

If you're already using SaltStack, you can easily reuse your salt states to setup a custom AMI.

You can access the documentation for more information.

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