Small bug fixes.
Add iterative alignment procedure.

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#116929 Deal with possible singleton value for KDTreebugnormalopen0.1000.0008 years8 years   
#117632 Bad link on pypibugnormalvalidation pending0.0100.0008 years7 years   
#117136 Normalize set should be able to handle tuplebugnormalvalidation pending1.0000.0008 years7 years  [Aligner] `normalize_set` handles tuples. (closes #117136)
#116939 Update the docenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.0008 years7 years  [doc] Typo + a litte text about the online demo. (closes #116939)
#116930 Enable the user to give formatting options to the rqlquery functionenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0100.0008 years7 years  [aligner] Enables the user to give formatting options (closes #116930)
#116938 Reuse the cache of `alignall_iterative()`enhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.0008 years7 years  [aligner] Enable the user to reuse the cache returned by alignall_iterative() (closes #116938)
#119623 [doc] some improvements about rst format and python codeenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.0008 years7 years  [doc] Use sphinx roles and update the sample code (closes #119623)
#116940 The equality threshold shouldn’t be hard written.enhancementnormalvalidation pending0.0100.0008 years7 years  [aligner] Enable the user to customize the equality_threshold (closes #116940)
#116943 Write an example of `alignall_iterative` usage.enhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.0008 years7 years  [doc] Little explanation on alignall_iterative() (closes #116943)
#116942 Speed up the alignset reduction.enhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.0008 years7 years  [aligner] Speed up the alignset reduction (closes #116942)
#116931 Implement a function to split a file into smaller onestasknormalvalidation pending0.1000.0008 years7 years  [dataio] Implements split_file() (closes #116931)
#116932 Make a function to align huge files.tasknormalvalidation pending0.5000.0008 years7 years  [aligner] Add the alignall_iterative() function (closes #116932)