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#289645 user, portfolio, display as page / display as presentation-deckenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289641 user, portfolio, video viewenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289643 user, portfolio, frbr family viewenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289642 user, portfolio, foaf viewenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289644 user, portfolio, chart viewenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289638 user, portfolio, svg viewenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289637 dev, components, make component indepedentenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289640 user, portfolio, map viewenhancementminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289635 dev, portfolio, use json-ldtaskminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289636 dev, guide, define intro/conceptstaskminoropen0.500 6 years6 yearsstregouet   
#290471 user, portfolio, move frame in portfoliobugnormalopen0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#290055 load prevbugnormalopen15.0000.2.06 years6 yearsadimascio   
#290473 user, frame, display svg from url/file sourceenhancementnormalopen0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289630 dev, spec, define a pivot format to represent a query resultenhancementnormalopen0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289633 user, portfolio, clone frameenhancementnormalopen0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289634 user, portfolio, unlink cloned frameenhancementnormalopen0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#290472 user, frame, display csv from url/file source as a tableenhancementnormalopen0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#290408 user, homepage, display portfolio creation formbugnormalvalidation pending0.1000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  server: remove home page + do not use /p/ route but / instead (closes #290408)
#289626 user, frame, write query/source/baseurl and executeenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289628 user, portfolio, close a frameenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  [xmosaicframe] add a button to remove a frame (closes #289628)
#289629 user, portfolio, fold a frameenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.3000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  add a button to fold/unfold frame (closes #289629)
#289632 user, portfolio/frame, source url/file (json? csv? pdf?)enhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  add a basic plaintextview (related to #289632), xmosaicframe: add http source (closes #289632)
#289623 user, frame, source sparqlenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289622 user, frame, source Neo4jenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289624 user, frame, source cubicwebenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  [views] in cw table view, add new cells in table (related to #289624)
#290425 user, frame, display menu on right sideenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  xmosaicframe: display view menu as a buttons list (instead of dropdown), xmosaicframe: add animation when displaying menu (related to #290425), xmosaicframe: move frame menu from top to right (related to #290425)
#289625 user, frame, choose view to display rset/query resultenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289512 save and reload a complete documentenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289513 open portfolio and display up to date contentenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289631 dev, test, define a way to implement testenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  [test] add basic test support (related to #289631)
#290431 user, portfolio, when asking for a new portfolio I want the existing one if already createdenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.1000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  server: if portfolio name already exists send it (closes #290431)
#290491 dev, deploy, implement method to ease deploymentenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  docker: add dockerfile to build image from hg repo (related to #290491), config: add postinstall command in package.json (related to #290491), server: add script to start server in production mode (related to #290491)
#289514 buttons to add frame/tileenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289627 dev, spec, provide clear api to register new view/componentenhancementnormalvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet   
#289639 user, portfolio, pdf viewenhancementminorvalidation pending0.5000.1.06 years6 yearsstregouet  pdfview: add basic pdfview (closes #289639)
#290589 add a variable to specify base-pathbugnormalvalidation pending0.2500.1.16 years6 yearsadimascio  server: add base path management (closes #290589)
#290474 user, frame, display data from multiple sourcesenhancementnormalin-progress0.5000.2.06 years6 yearsstregouet  xmosaicsource: move sources management from xmosaicframe to xmosaicsource, xmosaicsource: add fetch capability (related to #290474), components: add a new xmosaicsource component (related to #290474)