• logilab-vm can be called directly with command as first arguments
    • be sure that hypervisor is valid before using it (value=0)
    • display not available hypervisor
    • add xen and uml in valid hypervisor
    • allow dash in vm names
    • change default view to display all vms (active and inactive)
    • Improve option discovery in creation
    • Add option to use an xml configuration file directly
    • Permit non existing script file (replace by /bin/true instead)
    • fix wrong script names called when failback
publication date2009/05/12
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#8928 vérifier cas d'utilisation XEN et kqemuenhancementnormalopen1.0001.00011 years11 years   
#8932 changer le répertoire par défaut des hooksenhancementnormalrejected0.3000.00011 years11 years   
#8930 renommage des commandes (simplification)enhancementminorresolved0.2000.00011 years10 years   
#7378 Fonction sauvegarde et restaurationenhancementnormalwaiting feedback1.0000.00012 years11 years