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Known public head#d1be5f7da469 Please the flake8 god

Test configurations

Below are displayed this project's activated test configurations and their latest execution.

Test configurationRevisionApycot execution
buildexp#6cfa01de6206 Added tag 1.17.1, debian/1.17.1-1 for changeset [error], lgp.check [success], pycoverage [failure], pylint [error], pyunit [failure]
publish#c3dac08a7bb8 [pkg] 1.15.0jpl.publish [success], jpl.rsync [failure], [failure], lgp.check [success], lintian [success], pypi.upload [success]
quick python tests (venv)#6cfa01de6206 Added tag 1.17.1, debian/1.17.1-1 for changeset 23fd4bf0ed3cpyunit [failure]

Tests started using this head

Below are displayed test of depending environments which have been launched against the latest known head, displayed above.

Project environmentTest configurationApycot execution

__pkginfo__ versions vs forge versions

Table below compares version information as found in project's file with status of versions in the forge.

Pkginfo dependencyPkginfo versionProjectAssociated version
Yapps2unspecified versionproject not found 
logilab-common>= 0.63.2logilab-common0.63.2 [published]
python-dateutilunspecified versionproject not found 
setuptoolsunspecified versionproject not found