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#3561 "open" builtin not inferablebugnormalresolved0.2500.00013 years10 years   
#3291 failure of inference on overloaded operatorsbugnormalresolved0.2500.00013 years10 years inference 
#3261 can't find a decorator, when it is defined as a member of the class where it is usedbugnormalresolved0.2500.00013 years10 years   
#3289 python runs FileA.funcA() but pylint thinks it is using the Test.FileA listbugnormalresolved0.2500.00013 years10 years   
#3531 Type inference on factory classmethodbugnormalresolved1.0000.00013 years10 years execution flow handling, inference 
#2453 handle external modification of a classenhancementnormalresolved0.7500.00013 years10 years inference