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#4063 Javascript broken with IE7bugnormalresolved0.2500.00014 years12 years   
#4261 Rendering pb. of JsTree widget with IE6bugnormalresolved0.0000.00014 years12 years   
#4055 Various missing files and patchesbugnormalresolved2.0000.00014 years12 years   
#3970 Make a tarballenhancementnormalresolved0.0000.00014 years12 years   
#4059 Cleanup the codeenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.00014 years12 years   
#4270 Provide a queryCatalog.pyenhancementnormalresolved0.0000.00014 years12 years   
#4065 Have a more useful/folderish Keyword viewenhancementnormalresolved0.2500.00014 years12 years   
#4061 Add the sorter batchenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.00014 years12 years   
#4067 Provide, as documentation, a minimal product implementation using CSenhancementnormalresolved0.5000.00014 years12 years