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A Patch is the entity in vcreview 's schema that represents a mercurial changeset. vcreview has been designed for evolve, thus one changeset may have itself several versions. A Patch is meant to keep track of this changeset evolution.

When a new draft changeset is detected, a new Patch entity is created. The name of the Patch (its title) is the short description of the changeset (first line of the commit message).

It is also possible to add "magic words" in the commit message to automatically link a Patch with a Ticket (when vcreview is used with the trackervcs cube)

Patches workflow

When a patch is being constructed, the related Patch entity may be in one of in-progress, pending-review or reviewed states.

Finished Patch objects are in one of applied, rejected or folded states.

Submit a patch for review

By default, a new Patch (ie. a new draft changeset) is in the in-progress state. It can be moved to the pending-review state either from the web interface or using the mercurial extension provided in logilab-devtools.

Note that the matching between the author of a changeset and a CWUser in the Cubicweb application is done using the email address.

Reviewing a patch

When a Patch enters the pending-review state, a reviewer is designated for this patch, and he is notified by email.

He can then either accept the patch, ask for modifications (normally with comments, explanations and tasks that should be addressed before resubmitting an amended changeset), or reject it.

Accepting a patch

When a patch has been reviewed, it may be integrated. The integration is just a matter of changing the phase of the changeset. When the (draft) changeset linked to a Patch is set public (its phase is changed from draft to public), this later Patch is automatically set as applied state.

Folding a patch

When a changeset is folded in another one, the corresponding Patch is also put in the folded state.


To be notified about Patch activity, you should mark yourself as interested in each desired Repository.

Mercurial integration

We provide a Mercurial extension to easily interact with a vcreview based forge from the mercurial's hg command. See the hgext/jpl mercurial extension from the logilab-devtools project.

It allows you to do things like:

~/hg/cubes/vcreview$ hg ask-review -r "draft() and ::."
~/hg/cubes/vcreview$ hg tasks
[hooks] add a user preference to let user choose if a new patch must be in review (closes #4591842) https://www.cubicweb.org/4596209 (in-progress)

[TODO] s/autocommit/autoreview (https://www.cubicweb.org/4873200)

~/hg/cubes/vcreview$ hg show-review -r "draft()"
https://www.cubicweb.org/4894142        [pending-review]        stregouet
[hooks] Only consider the most recent ancestor for patch comparison during rebase detection

https://www.cubicweb.org/4881286        [pending-review]        celsoflores
Replace user callback with ajaxfunc to mark task as done

https://www.cubicweb.org/4861527        [pending-review]        arichardson
[sobjects] Add a notification view for new patches

https://www.cubicweb.org/4862301        [pending-review]        jroy
[facets] add a facet to filter patches with tasks in 'todo' state

https://www.cubicweb.org/4752934        [pending-review]        ddouard
[hooks] Add author of a task or of a comment on a task to patch nosylist

https://www.cubicweb.org/4835676        [pending-review]        arichardson
[sobjects] Notify users interested in a Repository upon Patches activity