About this site

This web application is based on the Erudi knowledge management system from Logilab. Erudi is made of an object database and a web framework. It allows to develop an application by defining a set of entities and their relationships, plus a set of views that present the data selected from the object database using a specific query language.

This application has a precise schema and can be considered an example of a semantic web databse, as it can export the data to XML and others formats and is not limited to publishing HTML.

Standard use

First of all, you can use this site as any web site by clicking on the different links. The Logo on the top left of this page will lead you to a start page from which you will be able to navigate to all the data hosted on this site.

The bookmarks box on the left hand side provides some useful shortcuts.

Most text is indexed and you can search all the content by typing words in the search box.

Crossing the border

Here are a few hints and tips if you want to know how things work under the cover.

Schema of the data

First take a look at the data schema then try to remember that you are browsing through a heap of data by applying stylesheets to the results of queries. This site is not a content management system with items placed in folders. It is an interface to a relational database.

RSS driven

RSS is a pretty useful technology that can be widely used on this site. Any set of data can be presented as RSS. You can then plug in an RSS reader into that and follow the site activity. For example :

rss latest blogs

rss latest comments