I'm now back from Copenhagen were I attended the mercurial 2.3 sprint with twenty other people. A huge amount of work was done in a very friendly atmosphere.

Regarding mercurial's core:

  • Bookmark behaviour was improved to get closer to named branch's behaviour.
  • Several performance improvements regarding branches and heads caches. The heads cache refactoring improves rebase performance on huge repository (thanks to Facebook and Atlassian).
  • The concept I'm working on, Obsolete markers, was a highly discussed subject and is expected to get partly into the core in the near future. Thanks to my employer Logilab for paying me to work on this topic.
  • General code cleanup and lock validation.

Regarding the bundled extension :

  • Some fixes where made to progress which is now closer to getting into mercurial's core.
  • Histedit and keyring extensions are scheduled to be shipped with mercurial.
  • Some old and unmaintained extensions (children, hgtk) are now deprecated.
  • The LargeFile extension got some new features (thanks to the folks from Unity3D)
  • Rebase will use the --detach flag by default in the next release.

Regarding the project itself:


Regarding other extensions:


And I'm probably forgetting some stuff. Special thanks to Unity3D for hosting the sprint and providing power, network and food during these 3 days.

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