We're very happy to host the Distutils2 sprint this week in Paris.

The sprint has started yesterday with some of Logilab's developers and others contributors. We'll sprint during 4 days, trying to pull up the new python package manager.

Let's sumarize this first day:

  • Boris Feld and Pierre-Yves David worked on the new system for detecting and dispatching data-files.
  • Julien Miotte worked on
    • moving qGitFilterBranch from setuptools to distutils2
    • testing distutils2 installation and register (see the tutorial)
    • the backward compatibility to distutils in setup.py, using setup.cfg to fill the setup arguments of setup for helping users to switch to distutils2.
  • André Espaze and Alain Leufroy worked on the python script that help developers build a setup.cfg by recycling their existing setup.py (track).

Join us on IRC at #distutils on irc.freenode.net !

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