I am pleased to annouce the 0.2 release of lutin77 for running Fortran 77 tests by using a C compiler as the only dependency. Moreover this very light framework of 97 lines of C code makes a very good demo of Fortran and C interfacing. The next level could be to write it in GAS (GNU Assembler).

For the over excited maintainers of legacy code, here comes a screenshot:

$ cat test_error.f
   subroutine success

   subroutine error
   integer fid
   open(fid, status="old", file="nofile.txt")
   write(fid, *) "Ola"

   subroutine checke
   call check(.true.)
   call check(.false.)
   call abort

   program run
   call runtest("error")
   call runtest("success")
   call runtest("absent")
   call runtest("checke")
   call resume

Then you can build the framework by:

$ gcc -Wall -pedantic -c lutin77.c

An now run your tests:

$ gfortran -o test_error test_error.f lutin77.o -ldl -rdynamic
$ ./test_error
  At line 6 of file test_error.f
  Fortran runtime error: File 'nofile.txt' does not exist
  Error with status 512 for the test "error".

  "absent" test not found.

  Failure at check statement number 2.
  Error for the test "checke".

  4 tests run (1 PASSED, 0 FAILED, 3 ERRORS)

See also the list of test frameworks for Fortran.

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