After almost 2 years of inactivity, here is a new release of apycot the "Automated Pythonic Code Tester". We use it everyday to maintain our software quality, and we hope this tool can help you as well.

Admittedly it's not trivial to setup, but once it's running you'll be able to count on it. We're working on getting it to work "out-of-the-box"...

Here's what's in the ChangeLog :

2008-05-19 -- 0.11.0
  • updated documentation
  • new pylintrc option for the pyhton_lint checker.
  • Added code to disabled checker with missing required option with the proper ERROR statut
  • removed the catalog option of the xml_valid checker this feature can now be handle with the XML_CATALOG_FILE environement variable (see libxml2 doc for details)
  • moved xml tool from python-xml to lxml
  • new 'hourly' mode for running tests
  • new 'test_activity_report' report
  • pylint checker support new disable_msg and show_categories options (show_categories default to Error and Fatal categories to avoid reports polution)
  • activity option "days" has been renamed to "time" and correspond to a number of day in daily mode but to a number of hour in hourly mode
  • fixed debian_lint and debian_piuparts to actually do something...
  • fixed docutils checker for recent docutils versions
  • dropped python 2.2/2.3 compat (to run apycot itself)
  • added output redirectors to the debian preprocessor to avoid parsing errors
  • can use regular expressions in <pp>_match_* options
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