A couple of weeks ago I attended the mini-DebConf organized by Debian France in Lyon.

It was a really nice week-end, and the first time a French mini-DebConf wasn't in Paris :)

Among the highlights, Juliette Belin reported on her experience as a new contributor to Debian: she authored the awesome "Lines" theme which was selected as the default theme for Debian 8.


As a non-developer and newcomer to the free software community, she had quite intesting insights and ideas about areas where development processes need to improve.

And Raphael Geissert reported on the new httpredir.debian.org service (previously http.debian.net), an http redirector to automagically pick the closest Debian archive mirror. So long, manual sources.list updates on laptops whenever travelling!


Finally the mini-DebConf was a nice opportunity to celebrate the release of Debian 8, two weeks in advance.

Now it's time to go and upgrade all our infrastructure to jessie.

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