Here is at last the release of the version 1.2.0 of hgview.

In a nutshell, this release includes:

  • a basic support for mq extension,
  • a basic support for hg-bfiles extension,
  • working directory is now displayed as a node of the graph (if there are local modifications of course),
  • it's now possible to display only the subtree from a given revision (a bit like hg log -f)
  • it's also possible to activate an annotate view (make navigation slower however),
  • several improvements in the graph filling and rendering mecanisms,
  • I also added toolbar icons for the search and goto "quickbars" so they are not "hidden" any more to the one reluctant to user manuals,
  • it's now possible to go directly to the common ancestor of 2 revisions,
  • when on a merge node, it's now possible to choose the parent the diff is computed against,
  • make search also search in commit messages (it used to search only in diff contents),
  • and several bugfixes of course.
there are packages for debian lenny, squeeze and sid, and for ubuntu hardy, interpid, jaunty and karmic. However, for lenny and hardy, provided packages won't work on pure distribs since hgview 1.2 depends on mercurial 1.1. Thus for these 2 distributions, packages will only work if you have installed backported mercurial packages.
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