Pylint 1.1 eventually got released on pypi!

A lot of work has been achieved since the latest 1.0 release. Various people have contributed to add several new checks as well as various bug fixes and other enhancement.

Here is the changes summary, check the changelog for more info.

New checks:

  • 'deprecated-pragma', for use of deprecated pragma directives "pylint:disable-msg" or "pylint:enable-msg" (was previously emmited as a regular warn().
  • 'superfluous-parens' for unnecessary parentheses after certain keywords.
  • 'bad-context-manager' checking that '__exit__' special method accepts the right number of arguments.
  • 'raising-non-exception' / 'catching-non-exception' when raising/catching class non inheriting from BaseException
  • 'non-iterator-returned' for non-iterators returned by '__iter__'.
  • 'unpacking-non-sequence' for unpacking non-sequences in assignments and 'unbalanced-tuple-unpacking' when left-hand-side size doesn't match right-hand-side.

Command line:

  • New option for the multi-statement warning to allow single-line if statements.
  • Allow to run pylint as a python module 'python -m pylint' (anatoly techtonik).
  • Various fixes to epylint

Bug fixes:

  • Avoid false used-before-assignment for except handler defined identifier used on the same line (#111).
  • 'useless-else-on-loop' not emited if there is a break in the else clause of inner loop (#117).
  • Drop 'badly-implemented-container' which caused several problems in its current implementation.
  • Don't mark input as a bad function when using python3 (#110).
  • Use attribute regexp for properties in python3, as in python2
  • Fix false-positive 'trailing-whitespace' on Windows (#55)


  • Replaced regexp based format checker by a more powerful (and nit-picky) parser, combining 'no-space-after-operator', 'no-space-after-comma' and 'no-space-before-operator' into a new warning 'bad-whitespace'.
  • Create the PYLINTHOME directory when needed, it might fail and lead to spurious warnings on import of pylint.config.
  • Fix so that pylint properly install on Windows when using python3.
  • Various documentation fixes and enhancements

Packages will be available in Logilab's Debian and Ubuntu repository in the next few weeks.

Happy christmas!

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