I am pleased to announce the latest release of hgview 1.1.0.

What is it?

For the ones from the back of the classroom near the radiator, let me remind you that hgview is a very helpful tool for daily work using the excellent DVCS Mercurial (which we heavily use at Logilab). It allows to easily and visually navigate your hg repository revision graphlog. It is written in Python and pyqt.


What's new

  • user can now configure colors used in the diff area (and they now defaults to white on black)
  • indicate current working directory position by a square node
  • add many other configuration options (listed when typing hg help hgview)
  • removed 'hg hgview-options' command in favor of 'hg help hgview'
  • add ability to choose which parent to diff with for merge nodes
  • dramatically improved UI behaviour (shortcuts)
  • improved help and make it accessible from the GUI
  • make it possible not to display the diffstat column of the file list (which can dramatically improve performances on big repositories)
  • standalone application: improved command line options
  • indicate working directory position in the graph
  • add auto-reload feature (when the repo is modified due to a pull, a commit, etc., hgview detects it, reloads the repo and updates the graph)
  • fix many bugs, especially the file log navigator should now display the whole graph

Download and installation

The source code is available as a tarball, or using our public hg repository of course.

To use it from the sources, you just have to add a line in your .hgrc file, in the [extensions] section:


Debian and Ubuntu users can also easily install hgview (and Logilab other free software tools) using our deb package repositories.

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