Yesterday was the third and last day of the 10th anniversary Pylint sprint in Logilab's Toulouse office.


To get started, we took advantage of this last day to have a few discussions about:

  • A "mode" feature gpylint has. It turns out that behind perhaps a few implementation details, this is something we definitly want into pylint (mode are specific configurations defined in the pylintrc and easilly recallable, they may even be specified per file).

  • How to avoid conflicts in the ChangeLog by using specific instruction in the commit message. We decided that a commit message should look like

    [my checker] do this and that. Closes #1234
    bla bla bla
    :release note: this will be a new item in the ChangeLog
    as well as anything until the end of the message

    now someone has to write the ChangeLog generation script so we may use this for post-1.0 releases

  • The roadmap. More on this later in this post.


When we were not discussing, we were coding!

  • Anthony worked on having a template for the text reporter. His patch is available on Bitbucket but not yet integrated.
  • Julien and David pushed a bunch of patches on logilab-common, astroid and pylint for the Python 3.3 support. Not all tests are green on the pylint side, but much progress was done.
  • A couple other things were fixed, like a better "invalid name" message, stop complaining about string module being deprecated, etc.
  • A lot of patches have been integrated, from gpylint and others (e.g python 3 related)

All in all, an impressive amount of work was achieved during this sprint:

  • A lot of new checks or enhanced behaviour backported from gpylint (Take a look at Pylint's ChangeLog for more details on this, the list is impressively long).
  • The transformation API of astroid now allows to customize the tree structure as well as the inference process, hence to make pylint smarter than ever.
  • Better python 3 support.
  • A few bugs fixed and some enhancements added.
  • The templating stuff should land with the CLI cleanup (some output-formats will be removed as well as the --include-ids and --symbols option).
  • A lot of discussions, especially regarding the future community development of pylint/astroid on Bitbucket. Short summary being: more contributors and integrators are welcome! We should drop some note somewhere to describe how we are using bitbucket's pull requests and tracker.


Now here is the 1.O roadmap, which is expected by the begining of July:

  • Green tests under Python 3, including specification of Python version in message description (Julien).
  • Finish template for text reporters (Anthony).
  • Update web site (David).

And for later releases:

  • Backport mode from gpylint (Torsten).
  • Write ChangeLog update script (Sylvain).

So many thanks to everyone for this very successful sprint. I'm excited about this forthcoming 1.0 release!

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