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stregouetmosaic0.2.02015/04/062015/05/04adimascio, nchauvat, stregouet

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Patches en cours de fossilisation

Ces patches sont dans l'état relu ou en attente de revue depuis longtemps:

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User (40)Projecthas createdStatecreation dateUser
aleufroyh5fsrefactorizationreviewed2013/04/02 14:32 UTCpydavid
aleufroyh5fsAdd read capability: raw flatten array data of DataSets can be readreviewed2013/04/04 12:29 UTCjroy
aleufroyh5fsminimal implementation: allow to display the data treereviewed2013/04/04 12:51 UTCjroy
aleufroyh5fs[copyright] change email to contact@logilab.frreviewed2013/04/08 08:48 UTCjroy
vmichelNerdy[dataio] Add sparql utilitiesreviewed2013/07/01 12:50 UTCdlaxalde
vmichelNerdy[dataio] Add a safety belf on Json decoding, and allow to pass prefixes to the build_sparql_query functionreviewed2013/07/04 08:53 UTCadimascio
aleufroyhgview[qt] add open editor to the file list viewreviewed2013/07/16 12:37 UTCrcardona
rcardonalogilab-databaseAdd optional 'dbpasswd' parameter to {backup,restore}_commands methodsreviewed2013/09/10 15:10 UTCjcristau
rcardonalogilab-database[postgres] Implement {backup,restore}_commands_env methods to remove annoying password promptsreviewed2013/10/08 12:36 UTCaleufroy
aleufroyhgview[qt4] new signal style: fix typoreviewed2013/10/16 13:51 UTCadimascio
vmichelNerdy[dataio] Add sparql utilitiesreviewed2013/12/05 14:05 UTCrcardona
jcristaulogilab-mtconverterUse icu instead of chardet for text encoding detectionreviewed2014/01/13 07:19 UTCadimascio
sthenaultyamsallow arbitrary notations in yams schema. Closes #100723, trhough different syntaxreviewed2014/02/25 11:12 UTCksaurfelt
nchauvatpycompta[render_html] ajoute colonne solde dans détail des cr/bilanreviewed2014/08/20 08:56 UTCadimascio
ddouardlogilab-common[testlib] display InnerTest name in error reportspending-review2014/08/25 12:56 UTCrcardona
nchauvatpycompta[render_html] écrit balance avec treetable rétractablereviewed2014/09/02 07:11 UTCadimascio
ddouardlogilab-common[jsonunittest] add a new jsonunittest module to make unittest produce JSON data (closes #184774)reviewed2014/10/06 07:12 UTCadimascio
nchauvatpycompta[render] pycompta-render to html, json or csv (closes #268913)reviewed2014/11/02 15:32 UTCadimascio
ddouardlogilab-common[test] add a test for REST generation of configurationreviewed2014/11/14 14:16 UTCsthenault
ddouardprojman[doc] reencode the README file in UTF-8reviewed2015/02/14 20:58 UTCacampeas
jcristaulogilab-devtoolsFix backwards compat with lgp moving to logilab-packagingreviewed2015/03/03 16:01 UTCjroy
ddouardprojman[doc] better ReST format the README filereviewed2015/03/04 21:19 UTCadimascio
dlaxaldelogilab-databaseLet {backup,restore}_commands methods return a list of lists for sqlite backendpending-review2015/04/27 12:10 UTCrcardona
dlaxaldepython-libmedDrop unused imports in _file.pyxpending-review2015/11/02 14:09 UTCjcristau
dlaxaldepython-libmed[debian] Add hdf5/openmpi to include dirspending-review2015/11/02 14:09 UTCacampeas
jcristaudebinstall[py3k] "except .. as .."pending-review2015/12/16 16:58 UTCacampeas
jcristaudebinstall[py3k] avoid infinite looppending-review2015/12/16 16:58 UTCaleufroy
jcristaudebinstall[py3k] print functionreviewed2015/12/17 12:55 UTCfcayre
jcristaudebinstall[py3k] octal literalsreviewed2015/12/18 15:01 UTCsthenault
dlaxaldenazca[debian] Recommends w3c-dtd-xhtmlreviewed2015/12/21 13:51 UTClmedioni
jroynazca[minhashing] No need for a temporary 3D arrayreviewed2016/01/24 12:59 UTCadimascio
ddouardprojmanclose stable branchreviewed2016/01/25 08:48 UTCdlaxalde
sthenaultlogilab-databaseUse index name on unique index creation. Closes #6662663reviewed2016/06/24 12:17 UTCjroy
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolsjenkins: only retrieve repo url if jobs cache is emptypending-review2017/05/03 07:44 UTCddouard
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolsjenkins: bypass job lookup if specified in configpending-review2017/05/03 07:44 UTCadimascio
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolsjenkins: introduce a local "store" to cache results of prior queriespending-review2017/05/03 08:06 UTCfcayre
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolsjenkins: Pass "args" unexpanded to showlistreviewed2017/05/11 09:35 UTCalutz
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolshgext: add a "jenkins" show viewpending-review2017/07/25 09:28 UTCddouard
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolshgext: add an invalidation mechanism for "jenkins" storepending-review2017/07/25 09:28 UTCadimascio
dlaxaldelogilab-devtoolshgext/jenkins: encode XML config before parsing itpending-review2017/07/25 09:38 UTCfcayre
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Ces patches sont dans l'état en cours ou "outdated" depuis longtemps:

User (17)Projecthas createdStatecreation date
vmichelNerdy[enrich] First implementation of the enrich processesin-progress2013/06/27 17:21 UTC
vmichelNerdy[dataio] Add a safety belf on Json decoding, and allow to pass prefixes to the build_sparql_query functionin-progress2013/07/16 13:51 UTC
rcardonalogilab-database[RFC][sqlite] Save a reference to the native module inside the cnx wrapperin-progress2013/10/16 09:16 UTC
rcardonalogilab-databaseAdd new {backup,restore}_commands_env methodsin-progress2013/10/17 07:33 UTC
vmichelNerdy[enrich] First implementation of the enrich processesin-progress2013/11/19 08:22 UTC
acampeasyams[schema] add a .relations(role) methodin-progress2014/04/30 08:32 UTC
vmichelnazcawip add diprelibin-progress2014/09/04 13:24 UTC
ddouardlogilab-common[pytest] add a '--json' option to generate JSON outputsin-progress2014/10/13 15:42 UTC
nchauvatpycompta[render_*] ajoute write_historique_compte à render_mod()in-progress2014/11/02 15:36 UTC
nchauvatpycomptawip diagramsin-progress2014/11/12 08:41 UTC
ddouardlogilab-common[configuration] extract a YAML-friendly build_config_struct function from generate_config (closes #204933)in-progress2014/11/14 14:13 UTC
vmichelnazca[pandas] Add support of Pandas, closes #248556in-progress2014/11/20 10:17 UTC
nchauvatpycompta[comptas] permet plusieurs sous-comptasin-progress2014/11/24 20:56 UTC
nchauvatpycompta[comptas] extrait LivreImmobilisations de Comptabilitein-progress2014/11/24 20:56 UTC
nchauvatpycomptasupprime état de facturation (closes #261949)in-progress2014/11/24 20:56 UTC
nchauvatpycomptarapports configurables (closes #257021)in-progress2014/11/24 20:56 UTC
ocayrollogilab-doctoolsAdding an option for adding a prefix to all the ids when turning a ReST in DocBookoutdated2015/09/18 14:53 UTC

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