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  • Artificial Intelligence (4)

    AI related projects and libraries, including the Narval agent framework.

  • Debian (3)

    We are actively contributing to the Debian project and all our free software is available as debian packages.

  • ERP and Project Management (6)

    Tools we developed to manage our company and our projects.

  • Python (17)

    Python tools and libraries to facilitate coding, debugging and quality assurance. The logilab.common library is a dependency of most of Logilab's tools.

  • Quality Assurance (10)

    Tools to facilitate software development and quality assurance.

  • Scientific Computing (1)

    Tools for scientific computing and number crunching.

  • System Administration (1)

    Tools for system administration and network monitoring.

  • XML (3)

    Tools and libraries to manipulate XML data.

  • Zope (5)

    Zope and Plone components.

Upcoming versions (1)Planned on
mosaic - 0.2.0 [development]2015/05/04
Latest releases (5)Published on
rql - 0.35.0 [published]2018/12/13
cweb - 0.20181027.0 [published]2018/10/27
hgview - 1.10.2 [published]2018/05/24
hgview - 1.10.1 [published]2018/05/15
pyxst - 0.2.0 [published]2017/10/12
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New projects (5)Description
cwebCubicWeb Extension for Browsers
logilab-sphinx-themesA Sphinx theme for Logilab's documents
simulagora-clientPython HTTP client for Simulagora Web Services
glamconvset of tools to manipulate std GLAM file formats (EAD, Unimarc...)
jupyter-scivijsJupyter extension for scivijs
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