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Febuary 2013: Mercurial channel "tour"3
PostgreSQL on windows : plpythonu and "specified module could not be found" error2
hgview 1.2.0 released2
LMGC90 Sprint at Logilab in March 20132
hgview 1.1.0 released2
Using branches in mercurial2
FOSDEM PGDay 20142
Compte rendu PGDay France 2013 (Nantes) - partie 1/22
Text mode makes it into hgview 1.4.02
#98972 Add index for postgresql FTI table1
Reinteract: un outil intéressant pour faire du numpy/scipy1
pydermonkey (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pydermonkey)1
Distutils2 January Sprint in Paris1
Python in Finance (and Derivative Analytics)1
SciPy and TimeSeries1
Django-lint (http://chris-lamb.co.uk/projects/django-lint/)1
Is the Openmoko freerunner a computer or a phone ?1
New pylint/astng release, but... pylint needs you !1
Testing for NaN without depending on Numpy1
A retrospective of 10 years animating the pylint free software projet1
icon for text/x-pythoninstrdatastore.py1
Rss feeds aggregator based on Scikits.learn and CubicWeb1
Introduction To Mercurial Phases (Part II)1
Belier - le ssh par hops1
New apycot release1
Review of Pylint, PyChecker and PyFlakes by Doug Hellmann (http://www.doughellmann.com/articles/CompletelyDifferent-2008-03-linters/index.html)1
A Python dev day at La Cantine. Would like to have more PyCon?1
new pylint / astng / common releases1
Using tempfile.mkstemp correctly1
SCons presentation in 5 minutes1
We hosted the Salt Sprint in Paris1